Weekly Economic Update 10 July 2017

In this week’s Australia & NZ Economic update print version:


  • RBA continues cautious approach amid weather, wage & housing uncertainty.

  • Data Wrap:

                 - May dwelling approvals

                 - May retail sales

                - May trade balance

  • Round-up of local data released over the week

  • Data preview:

                 - May housing finance (no.)

                 - Apr Westpac-MI Consumer Sentiment

New Zealand

  • New Zealand: week ahead & Data wrap

  • Round-up of local data released over the week

  • Data preview

                 -  Jun house prices and sales

                 -  June retail card spending

Other countries data preview:

  • US June CPI

  • US June retail sales


Key data & event risk for the week ahead


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Economic & financial forecasts


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