Nabo local community social network launches

Nabo is a new private social network that enables Social Sector organisations to reach like-minded people within their local suburb.

A private community network, Nabo is the easiest way for Social Sector organisations to stay in touch with what’s happening in their neighbourhood, and create stronger communities and safer suburbs.

The benefits of Nabo for Social Sector organisations

Nabo enables Social Sector organisations to easily engage with their communities. You can share your program with your neighbours, rapidly increase engagement and even recruit local volunteers.

For Social Sector organisations, Nabo:

•       Is a user-friendly community engagement tool

•       Enhances your ability to organise your activities and promote your events

•       Can help you find new members and volunteers

•       Is a secure and private place to chat and discuss the issues that matter

•       Is budget-friendly – it’s free!

•       Is resource efficient – share your Nabo posts on Facebook and Twitter (coming soon!)

How do I get started?

Introducing your community group or organisation to its new online home with three easy steps:

1. Sign up to by creating your own personal account

2. Create a ‘group’ for your organisation

3.  Invite your members and local members to join your group.  Now engage, organise, discuss, and build your community!

Nabo is proudly supported by Westpac. Westpac is supporting Nabo as part of our passion to make a difference in the communities where we live and work. We encourage you to join Nabo, invite your neighbours and start connecting with your local community. Join with us to help Australians build safer suburbs and stronger communities.

Find out more about Nabo here